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All of Glenwood Music’s pianos are pre-owned and Colorado-acclimated. This is crucial for reliability and playability in our unique dry climate. They have been meticulously maintained by one of the Western Slope’s premier technicians, and are kept in our climate-controlled showroom.

Come see and play these beautiful instruments for yourself, and feel free call us with any questions you might have. (Note our Summer Sale pricing with huge discounts!)



Model C5
Year:  1987
Size:   6’ 6”
Price: $17,900

This beautiful grand piano from Yamaha is a satisfying instrument to play, and would be a definite focal point in any room with it’s stately ebony polished finish. The C5 is considered one of the finest grand pianos in its class. This one has been well cared for since 1987 and features a responsive, balanced keyboard that delivers rich bass notes and defined highs. It is said that Yamaha pianos are not merely constructed, but brought to life. The precision and craftsmanship are evident in every square inch of this 6’ 6” masterpiece. The matching white and black bench is included. This remarkable piano is less than half the cost of buying a new C5.

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Model M Baby Grand
Year:   1951
Size:   5’ 2”
Price: Was $6,200; SALE PRICE: $5,850!!!

Baldwin has been making outstanding pianos for the past 150 years, and they’ve been played by some of the biggest names in music, like Aaron Copland, Liberace and Dave Brubeck. This American-made baby grand was built in 1951, but you wouldn’t know it to look at it. The beautiful mahogany finish looks as good as it did when it was new. It features a big, robust sound for a 5’ 2” piano, and provides smooth and responsive action for players of all levels. There’s something special about things that have withstood the test of time, and this baby grand from Baldwin’s Artist Series is a tremendous value. We originally had it priced at $6,200 but have reduced it to $5,850 for our Summer Sale.

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Grand Piano
Year:   Circa 1903
Size:    6’ 2”
Price: Listed for $12,500; reduced to $6,500; NOW ONLY $4,650!!!

Here’s a piano that has a lot of stories to tell. Built in or around 1903, this rare and unique instrument has more than a century of music behind it. Knabe has been in the piano business since 1835, operating out of Baltimore, Maryland, and the company is steeped in history. Francis Scott Key commissioned a custom piano from Knabe in 1838. Knabe supplied the grand piano for Tchaikovsky’s appearance at the opening of Carnegie Hall in 1891. In 1926 Knabe was chosen to be the official piano of the New York Metropolitan Opera. Knabe pianos are handcrafted, and a limited number are made each year. It is said that each handmade Knabe has its own personality, and that when you play a Knabe, you can sense the difference. The rich tonal quality of the Knabe has been compared to the human singing voice. Knabe only uses woods, metals, glues and natural fabrics that are best suited for each particular purpose. Many of the early design concepts used in these older models are still used in today’s Knabe pianos. This 6′ 2″ grand was completely rebuilt in 1976 with new strings, pinblock and all action parts replaced, and it’s ready for the next century of play. We’ve had it priced at $6,500; now reduced to just $4,650 for our Summer Sale. Bench included. 

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K. Kawai

Model KG-2C
Year:   1973
Size:    5’ 10”
Price: Was $6,900, SALE PRICE: $6,200!!

The KG-2C from Kawai features a rich, warm tonal clarity, tremendous sensitivity, and a stunning finish that simply glows. Just note the wood grain in the photos. The 5’ 10” size makes it a good choice if space is a consideration. If it were a car, you might think that it was only driven to church on Sundays because it’s in phenomenal condition for a 1973 model. Kawai has been committed to “the art and science of bringing music to life” for more than 90 years. Some say the KG series was the best line of grands ever made by Kawai. You really need to see and play this one in person. Originally priced at $6,900, we’ve lowered it to $6,200 for our Summer Sale.

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1953 Gibson Les Paul

This phenomenal guitar just became available here at Glenwood Music, and occupies a prime position in our showcase. 1953 was the second year the Les Paul was made, and it’s considered the first truly playable model – when they got everything right, from the neck angle to the stopbar/wrap-tail bridge. It’s highly probably that Les Paul himself had a hand in building this early model. He specified that the guitar be produced with the now legendary Goldtop finish to emphasize the high quality of the instrument.

This one is nearly all original, with only the jack plate being replaced due to a crack in the original (which is included in the case). One of the original tuners is slightly bent, and another has a crack in it. About an inch of the binding is missing on the bottom edge of the lower bout. None of these issues affect the playability in the least (see photos). There is some checking in the finish and some normal scratches and dings in the aged mahogany body from 67 years of use, adding a well-earned and desirable patina to the instrument.

The electronics are all in fine condition. The vintage tone from the original P-90 pickups is hard to replicate with a newer guitar and adds a distinct sound to recordings and live performances. It’s also worth noting that the original pots are absolutely silent with no noise or static whatsoever when operated.

The beautiful dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays looks practically new, and has been re-fretted with period-correct frets. The setup on this guitar is very comfortable and highly playable, making it extremely expressive and versatile. 

A new case was acquired along the way, but we’re including the original case as well for posterity. 

This Les Paul is a historic edition of the iconic guitar, and it lends itself to almost any musical style. Give us a call with any specific questions, or stop in to see this rare and wonderful instrument. You can see and hear this actual instrument being played and reviewed on Glenwood Music’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also contact us by phone to order this rare Les Paul directly at 970-928-8628.

Price: $25,000 (local pick-up or shipping available at cost)

Hughes Guitars CEM-2

This remarkable Hughes CEM-2 was handcrafted in Fairview, North Carolina by Randy Hughes and his son Will. These distinctive guitars are custom made to order, and very few are ever available on the open market. This CEM-2 in Pepper White was recently added to our display case and it is in like-new condition. Hughes began making the CEM-2 model in 2016, and this was the 5th one made, serial #005, completed in November of 2016.

The fit and finish on this guitar is exquisite and the attention to detail is awe-inspiring. Every aspect has been carefully thought through. For example, the frets are made of stainless steel for longer wear. It was built for agility, comfort and sonic capability. There is one micro-dent about the size of a ballpoint pen tip on the front lower bout that does not show up in the photos, and it did not break through the finish; otherwise it is just about perfect.

One reviewer writes, “If you play one of these guitars, you will buy it.” Another says, “I have played a few and they are far and away the best electric guitar on the market.”

Check out the YouTube link to watch an 11-minute video about the design philosophy and build quality of Hughes Guitars, featuring a CEM-2: https://youtu.be/OPUjbxSUxYU (Note their discussion about the paramount importance of neck design.) You can also learn more at the Hughes website: www.hughesguitarsandrepair.com

This is a rare opportunity to own one of these fine instruments. It comes with the custom-molded hardshell case shown.

New price: $2,800 + $250 (case) = $3,050 Glenwood Music price:  $2,499 (plus shipping)