Instrument Rentals

Glenwood Music offers a complete inventory of band instruments for rent including sax, flute, trombones, clarinets, etc. All rental contracts include option to buy. Call for more details.

We also offer short term equipment rentals for your PA needs. We have a variety of amps, mixers, speakers, mics, cables, etc. When available we also rent electronic keyboards and guitar and bass amps. We do not rent guitars or drums.

  • Easy monthly rent-to-own program
  • 100% credit with no interest within first 9 months of rental
  • Free, in-house maintenance
  • Pick-up and drop-off to schools
  • Fast, friendly service on school band instruments and more!

Photo: Brass Instruments.

Brass & Woodwind Rentals

  • Bach Trumpet
    $30.00/mo new $25.00/mo used
  • Bach Trombone
    $30.00/mo new $25.00/mo used
  • Armstrong Flute
    $30.00/mo new $25.00/mo used
  • Leblanc – Vito Clarinet
    $30.00/mo new $25.00/mo used
  • Selmer Alto Saxophone
    $60.00/mo, new or used
  • Selmer Tenor Saxophone
    $80.00/mo, new or used
  • Ludwig Percussion Kit
    $30.00/mo new $25.00/mo used
  • Selmer Oboe
    $80.00/mo, new or used
  • Holton French Horn
    $100.00/mo, new or used
  • Holton Baritone
    $60.00/mo, new or used
  • Leblanc Bass Clarinet
    $80.00/mo, new or used

Photo: Stringed Instruments.

Stringed Orchestral Instrument Rentals

  • Eastman Violin
    $33.00/mo new $27.00/mo used
  • Eastman Viola
    $45.00/mo new$35.00/mo used
  • Eastman Cello
    $60.00/mo new $49.00/mo used

Photo: Pro-Audio.

Pro-Audio Rentals

  • Assorted powered speakers, sub woofers and portable battery powered PA.
    $25 to $150 per night, per speaker. Price depends on size, quantity and length of rental.
    All speakers include stands and hook up cables.
  • Assorted powered and passive mixers. 4 channel to 12 channel.
    $50 to $100 per night depending on size and length of rental.
  • Assorted wired and wireless hand held mics with stands.
    $20 to $50 per night depending on quantity and length of rental.
  • Yamaha P-515 professional stage piano. Full 88 keys with weighted action.
    Includes stand, sustain pedal, music rest and case.
    $175 per night. Discounts for rentals longer then 3 days.

Call for details. We will try our best to rent you the system that meets your specifications.

Rental Agreement Terms

  • I Promise to pay Glenwood Music at the above Rental Rate on the first day of each month for the length of the Term as indicated above. I understand that upon the completion of the term, I will own the instrument, but that ownership shall not transfer until the final payment is made and therefore prior to the completion of the term, the instrument cannot be sold, transferred, assigned of subleased by me.
  • I may return the instrument to Glenwood Music at any time at no additional cost, provided that it is in good condition, and the rental has been paid to date. Rental payments will be assessed until the instrument is returned to Glenwood Music located at 3102 Blake Ave. Suite D. Glenwood Springs, Co. 81601
  • No refund on rental fees will be made if the instrument is returned. All Payments are considered rental payments only until completion of the Terms.
  • If any time Within the first nine months of the rental I wish to make an early purchase of the instrument from Glenwood Music, I will receive 100% credit for the rental payments made toward the instrument at full retail price as indicated above, provided all rental payments are current. After the nine-month period, if Glenwood Music finances the instrument, interest will incur at the rate of 10%, and will be retroactive.
  • This agreement applies to one instrument only. I understand that during the rental term, I do not own the instrument and that it is the property of Glenwood Music. Under this agreement, I shall be solely responsible for loss, theft, or repair at the discretion of Glenwood Music for excessive damage for any reason.
  • In the Event I default on my rental payments due herein, Glenwood Music may declare the entire retail price less rental payments made, due and payable. By signing this agreement, I shall authorize Glenwood Music to charge any late rental payments due, and in the event of default, the entire price of the instrument to my credit card held as security. Glenwood Music may take action as deemed necessary to ensure payment and return of the instrument at the expense of the lessee. In the event of default, recovery of payments and instrument may result in additional charges.